April 26, 2018

Team building and mud

Looking for a unique and exciting team building experience? We found one! Four of the six Justiceseekers team members participated in the Mighty Mud Dash mud run in November.  Talk about an exciting, cold, rewarding experience.

“The wind was biting cold and, despite my lengthy raincoat and cowboy hat, the ice cold rain drops made their way to my skin.  It was miserable!  I was standing by the last two “Mud Run” obstacles, waiting impatiently for my team to round that last corner.   Finally they came into view.   Fred was shepherding his team of three JusticeGirls round the corner.   Carol was shivering, but determined.   Gina and Christie, amazingly, were laughing.   The entire team launched up that last wall — the one with the ropes — with a look of fierce determination.   Over the wall, up and down some rope lattices, and then a quick crawl through the mud pit under the horizontal chain link fence.  And then, the finish line, a medal around their necks, and a welcome hose down.  Our entry fee dollars helped some wounded warriors.   Our team demonstrated, yet again, that they are undefeatable, indefatigable JusticeSeekers.”

– Andy Vickery









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