August 21, 2017

Support Your Elected President

The Fourth Estate saved our democracy from Richard Nixon’s truly felonious conduct.  I watched it from my E-ring Pentagon office, and, have ever since been a devoted advocate of the freedom of the press and totally dismissive of the derogatory epithet “liberal media.”   ….  However, the irrational tendency of CNN and other “mainstream media” to “headline” non-stories about minute meetings between our President’s son and a Russian lawyer has me rethinking my blind devotion to the Free Press.

Donald Trump is a crass, arrogant, humanly-flawed man who frequently sticks his foot in his mouth and embarrasses all of us.  He truly can be his own worst enemy.  But he got my vote (the first GOP presidential candidate to do so in nearly 50 years), because he is brilliant, independent, “unmanageable”, totally devoted to the notion of putting America First, and indefatigable.    And, of course, because he firmly believes in “term limits” which is the only real way to “drain the swamp.”   I don’t know about you, but one thing that “sealed the deal” for me in terms of giving him my vote was the incredibly high caliber of his children, including his namesake son.

Trump was elected to make some much needed changes, and he deserves a chance to do so without the constant cloud of media-induced headlines designed to whet our appetites for the “nothing-burger” of the Russian connection.

I was elated when Barrack Obama was first elected, and disheartened by the constant criticisms of his Presidency that emanated from the Far Right.   The shoe is now on the other foot.    The Far Left of my own party — assisted in great measure by the supposedly “Free” Press — is determined to preempt real news of immediate concern to the American people with constant shadow boxing at Boris and Natasha.

Enough is enough people!  The vast majority of American voters are those of us who are stuck in the middle.  Whether we like him or not, let’s support our President and give him a chance.  Wouldn’t that be Great?

– Andy Vickery

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