April 26, 2018

The Davis Cousins’ Religious Convictions

Imagine, if you will, that Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has a first cousin, Ken Davis, who is a federal judge.   He shares her fervor for the teachings of the Good Book.   But, on his particular hot button religious issue, he has a much stronger, clearer proof text. When the Bible says ” THOU SHALT […]

Another Lexapro Suicide Case Going to Trial

On July 13, 2015, US District Judge Tena Campbell in Salt Lake City, Utah issued an opinion soundly rejecting Forest Laboratories’ motions challenging the scientific propriety of our expert opinion evidence that Lexapro caused Kurt Shipley to take his own life, and rejecting two separate arguments for summary judgment. The opinion can be found here. […]


The Seventh Amendment right to jury trial is vanishing, right before our eyes. Make no mistake about it. Vanishing! And, tragically, the fault for this fecklessness with the Founders lies on the doorstep of the very people who were empowered by Article III with life tenure so they could safeguard the people’s rights – federal […]

Amendment of Rule 26 – Captain Andy Vickery’s Thoughts

The judicial committee has proposed an amendment to Rule 26, Fed.R.Civ.P.    If passed, the scope of discovery will no longer be information that is relevant, or likely to lead to relevant evidence.  Instead, there will be a new barometer.   The judge can weigh in and decide whether the information sought, by either side, is “proportional […]

Team building and mud

Looking for a unique and exciting team building experience? We found one! Four of the six Justiceseekers team members participated in the Mighty Mud Dash mud run in November.  Talk about an exciting, cold, rewarding experience. “The wind was biting cold and, despite my lengthy raincoat and cowboy hat, the ice cold rain drops made […]

Man Sues Federal Agents For Commandeering His Property And Engaging In “Wild Wild West” Shootout

Drug enforcement agents used private citizens property without his knowledge and consent Houston, TX – Today, Texas resident Craig Patty filed suit against the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the head of the Houston DEA office, Javier Peña, Harris County, and other federal and state agents for commandeering his commercial work truck without his […]

The JusticeSeekers Logo

When my 2002 Trial Lawyers’ College roommate David Terry announced that he would rather be a creative painter instead of a trial lawyer, I jumped on the chance to give him his first commission.   There were only three conditions that I imposed.    It would be a reasonably sized work on paper.   The […]