April 26, 2018

Taser Lawyers

The lawyers of Vickery & Shepherd are available to counsel and represent police officers and their families who have suffered from a significant on-duty injury as a result of the failure of this inadequately powered TASER X2 (or its cousin the X26P) to stop an attacker.

Problems with TASER X2

The stopping power of a stun gun is determined by its electrical “charge” as measured in microcoulombs.  The original, ineffective 1994 model AIR TASER gun put out only 70 microcoulombs.  The TASER X2 device, on which the City of Houston has now spent more than $9 million, has only 63 microcoulombs of stopping power.

In his 2007 expert report, filed in Civil Action No. 4:05-cv-00273, Ruby Mann, et al v. TASER International, Inc., in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, TASER CEO Rick Smith acknowledged that the AIR TASER “Did Not Do the Job” of stopping would be attackers because its limited power output was “ineffective” in terms of incapacitating a subject.

To cure the problem TASER developed two guns, its 1999 M26 and its 2003 X26 models, that each had well over 100 microcoulomb of power.  From 2003 until it halted production in 2014, TASER sold literally hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Taser X26Es.

That gun was replaced in 2011 with the current X2 model issued to our client HPD Officer Karen Taylor.  The X2 is rated at a mere 63 microcoulombs.   TASER lowered the stopping power in the X2 weapon and withheld information about the reduction in power from police departments.   Meanwhile, in 2016, it released a new household version stun gun called the TASER Pulse, that has 90 microcoulomb of stopping power.   Its Vice President for Weapons Strategy, Mike Gish, has refused to answer our questions about why on Earth TASER would arm consumers with weapons that are more powerful than those it sells to police officers.

Vickery & Shepherd TASER Lawyers

TASER has knowingly put police officers in harm’s way.    If you are a police officer or family of an injured officer and have suffered a serious life altering injury because a TASER X2 (or it cousin the X26P) failed to stop an assailant, you may be entitled to compensation.   We have nearly three decades of experience in holding major pharmaceutical companies accountable for their wrongdoing, and are now focused on doing the same with regard to TASER.    Our website and our email addresses are “JusticeSeekers.”    That is because we really do strive to seek justice for all of our clients.