When my 2002 Trial Lawyers’ College roommate David Terry announced that he would rather be a creative painter instead of a trial lawyer, I jumped on the chance to give him his first commission.   There were only three conditions that I imposed.    It would be a reasonably sized work on paper.   The title would be “JusticeSeekers,” i.e. the same as our website.     And my law firm would retain the image rights, so that we could use it on our letterhead, website, etc.

The original of this painting hangs in a prominent spot in our new office, and, with some creative work by our Marketing Director, i.e. my daughter Christie Garella, we are pleased and honored to continue to use David’s wonderful imagery in our new firm logo.  “JusticeSeekers” is who we are, and what we do.

Here is what David has to say about his choice of imagery:  “The painting has our flag, our red, white & blue, but also blood and gold and heartbreak. We are often not a particularly Just society, but what separates us from so many others is that we sincerely WANT Justice to be part of who we are as a Nation — and we expect it! If we loose that expectation, and fall into complacent cynicism, we will have failed. Those who seek Justice — our Justice Seekers — keep us Great; they keep us from failing as a Nation and as a people.”

Other works by David Terry, including some wonderful landscapes and incredible portraits, may be viewed at his website, www.davidterryart.com

– Andy Vickery