Imagine, if you will, that Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has a first cousin, Ken Davis, who is a federal judge.   He shares her fervor for the teachings of the Good Book.   But, on his particular hot button religious issue, he has a much stronger, clearer proof text.

When the Bible says ” THOU SHALT NOT KILL” he takes it literally. Believes it fervently.   Therefore, because of his firmly held religious beliefs, he refuses to enter the court judgment, required by law in wake of a jury verdict, sentencing a man to death.

What should we do with Judge Ken?   Applaud him for ” standing up” for his religious beliefs?   Condemn him for not following the law and fulfilling the duties required of his public office?   Demonstrate in support of him? Ask the court of appeals to hold him in contempt and jail him?   Raise money for him? OR — Impeach him?

This really IS troubling. What ARE we to do with those troublesome, zealous, Bible totin’, Scripture quotin’ Davis cousins?

– Andy Vickery