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I am Captain Andy Vickery, USA, date of rank 6/4/71. Here is a picture of me a month after I pinned those railroad tracks on my shoulders, walking to the My Lai trial of my client Captain Ernest Medina.

I served on active duty for seven years, one month, and 22 days. Three of those years were spent as an assistant to the General Counsel of the Army, stationed in the Pentagon. I left the Army in 1976 to practice law in Houston, Texas. For the next 25+ years I did not tend to identify as a veteran but that changed radically on September 11, 2001. From that day hence I have proudly re-identified myself as “Captain Vickery.”

I am Captain Fred Shepherd, USMC, date of rank 4/1/04. Here I am after partaking in one of the Marine Corps’ famous “nature walks.”

MarinePic1[1]I, like my partner Captain Vickery, was also a military lawyer. However, I had the privilege of serving as a Marine Judge Advocate and I take great pride in not only earning my Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, but also holding myself out as a Marine (and everything that entails) irrespective of serving as a lawyer. I consider my time on active duty to be one of, if not the, most rewarding periods of my life. I left Camp Pendleton, California and returned to my hometown of Houston, Texas in July 2005 for service in the 1stCivDiv. I have been in practice with Andy since that time.

VICKERY & SHEPHERD is a firm of “JusticeSeekers.” It is who we are. It is what we do. Our clients are typically individual people or small businesses who have gotten the short end of the stick, and who need a little legal help to obtain justice.

This Blog is meant to be informative, entertaining, educational, and, perhaps even a little provocative. (God love the First Amendment.)

In the coming weeks we will be posting about various items of interest to us, and to our clients. Captain Andy will write a series of posts about the “Vanishing Jury Trial.” Captain Fred will pen a piece on the Second Amendment, a subject near and dear to his heart. Both will weigh in on the importance of the Seventh Amendment right to jury trial in America. Both will also undoubtedly write a piece, with appropriate hyperlink to his own blog, to honor the dedication to justice of our mutual friend and mentor Gerry Spence.

The JusticeSeekers also plan to periodically write about new lawsuits or important court decisions, including our own recently filed Petition for Writ of Certiorari seeking U.S. Supreme Court review of the travesty that is Patty v. United States. Please read our Petition for a Writ of Certiorari for more information.

And, when things get a little dull, we will undoubtedly brighten them up by resurrecting some of the incredibly funny writings of Corporal Paul F. Waldner, USMC, the originator of the “JusticeSeeker” moniker and the finest lawyer, and funniest humanoid, the world has ever seen. God rest his soul. Stay tuned!