In addition to its personal injury practice, Vickery & Shepherd has extensive experience in handling business litigation. Two of the four partners have served as General Counsel of small and growing companies, gaining insight and knowledge “from the inside,” as well as from their handling of a wide variety of business disputes over the past three-plus decades. These have ranged from comparatively straightforward contractual and partnership disputes to cases involving complex insurance, antitrust and patent issues. Currently, the firm is defending a supplier of raw materials used in drug compounding against claims brought by the Government under the False Claims Act; representing a digital consulting company in its claims that it was not paid for extensive work it performed for a presidential campaign; representing an automobile dealer in a dispute with its insurance company regarding the limit of insurance applicable to a catastrophic loss; representing minority shareholders in a corporation to avoid personal liability for the corporation’s actions; representing a service company performing appliance repairs to combat anticompetitive behavior by the manufacturer and its designated service providers; and representing investors who have been unable to obtain appropriate information about their investments and/or a return of their money. Given the continued growth in businesses formed in Wyoming, we expect that the representation of clients in business disputes will continue to be an important part of the firm’s business in the future.