Half of the attorneys at Vickery & Shepherd are military veterans: Andy Vickery (Captain, USA 1969-1976) and Fred Shepherd (Captain, USMC 1998-2005). As a result, we know well what it means to have not only served in the Armed Forces but also what sacrifices wearing the uniform requires.

Helping veterans who have suffered legal harm is an important aspect of our practice and a way for us to give back to those who have given of themselves to protect the Constitution and our system of Justice. Over the past few decades, our attorneys have successfully represented veterans and their families in cases involving catastrophic injury, car wrecks, litigation against the United States for injuries caused by employees of the federal government (Federal Torts Claims Act cases), as well as larger mass torts.

While we cannot right all wrongs committed against our veterans, Vickery & Shepherd can and will do our part to help those who have been wrongfully hurt. Veterans who have been injured by the actions of another can reach out to us via email or phone for a comprehensive, no-cost consultation to assess their legal rights and explore available options.