medical device and pharmaceutical injury

Vickery & Shepherd has a long, long history of litigating and actually trying cases against medical device and pharmaceutical companies when they choose to sell unsafe products to consumers. Our blockbuster Paxil verdict in Wyoming in 2001 led to industry wide warnings about the dangerous side effects of this drug and, more recently, our 2013 Humira verdict in Chicago set new legal precedents for the obligations of drug companies to act reasonably and responsibly when they know their products are harming people. This, as much as anything, is our “wheelhouse.”

We are uniquely qualified to handle this litigation because of our experience in handling complex discovery and science, trailblazing jury verdicts, and obtaining significant appellate decisions. In short, we have the resources, experience, and track record to handle your case from start to finish.
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· Ocaliva
· NuVasive Magec System

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