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One of the “front burner” cases that has commanded a lot of our attention in 2017 is that of HPD Officer Karen Taylor who suffered a career ending injury because her TASER X2 stun gun failed to stop her assailant. We have detailed the history and the problems with this gun “chapter and verse” in our legal pleadings pursuing justice for her in federal court in Houston. [HYPERLINK TO AMENDED COMPLAINT]


According to a document authored by the CEO of TASER Rick Smith, the main measure of the stopping power of a stun gun is its electrical “charge” as measured in “microcoulombs.” The original 1994 model AIR TASER gun did not work. Mr. Smith wrote that this was because the stun gun only put out 70 microcoulombs. Through our handling of the Taylor case we have unearthed the fact that the supposedly “new and improved” TASER X2 device (on which the City of Houston has now spent more than $9 million), was specifically designed to put out a mere 63 microcoulombs of stopping power. As the former Mayor of Houston has confirmed for us in a Declaration filed in this case, TASER withheld information about this lack of stopping power from the police and from municipalities across America.


TASER has knowingly put police officers in harm’s way. If you are a police officer or family of an injured officer and have suffered a serious life altering injury because a TASER X2 (or its cousin the X26P) failed to stop an assailant, you may be entitled to compensation. We have nearly three decades of experience in holding major pharmaceutical companies accountable for their wrongdoing, and are now focused on doing the same with regard to TASER. Our website and our email addresses are “JusticeSeekers.” That is because we really do strive to seek justice for all of our clients.

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