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The Federal False Claims Act allows people who are aware of fraud being committed while participating in a federal government program to file whistleblower claims. If the claim proves successful, the claimant, by law, recovers a of the government’s damages. This law is the primary tool by which our federal government tries to encourage individual who are aware of fraud being committed against the federal government to come forward and shed light on the wrongdoing. In many instances, although not all, this fraud involves healthcare related companies.

If you are aware of a fraud that is being conducted while participating in a federal government program, it is important to discuss this with an attorney. An attorney can help ensure you understand the process, evaluate the potential claim, and ultimately ensure you receive your fair share of the recovery. Vickery & Shepherd attorneys will provide a no obligation and confidential consultation to you if you think you might have a claim under the Federal False Claim Act.

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